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The Wilpons almost lost their team thanks to their relationship with a ponzi schemer. They’re now getting rent from what many people have described as a pyramid scheme. New York Mets: meet Amway.  Howard Megdal reports: Amid fresh reports that the Mets are still in debt, Amway has moved into a storefront at Citi Field … The Citi…

Miggy Cabrera drilled this ball almost out of the entire park. What a beast!

Okay, the Red Sox beat up a couple of college teams to start the season yesterday. But it would be pretty cool to play for Northeastern and be Aaron Barbosa, R.J. Roman, Justin Kessler, or especially freshman Will Dougherty. They all put up hits, a nice early birthday present for Dougherty, who turns 19 on […]

Well, hockey season is finally stepping up in December. This is my final post for the 2012 MLB season. Let’s take a look at the  teams’ stats as whole units. Offense The best batting average is .274, shared between the Los Angeles Angels, and the Colorado Rockies. Now, the Rangers and the Rockies best players’ […]

Because San Francisco won the World Series, the team earned the highest postseason shares, or bonuses, for its players. “The Giants split $23.5 million, voting 50 full shares, partial shares equivalent to another 11.1, and 12 cash awards.” MLB.com. Melky Cabrera, though not part of the roster during the postseason, did receive a bonus as […]

David Freese is alright after his accident Thanksgiving Day. According to the Associated Press, Freese swerved to avoid a deer and ran into a tree. His 2011 black Range Rover was towed from the scene, but Freese refused medical attention. Officials said alcohol was not involved.   STL Today said the crash happened about 2:30 […]