Giant’s World Series shares are up to $377,003

Because San Francisco won the World Series, the team earned the highest postseason shares, or bonuses, for its players.

Giants Win the Series!

“The Giants split $23.5 million, voting 50 full shares, partial shares equivalent to another 11.1, and 12 cash awards.”

Melky Cabrera, though not part of the roster during the postseason, did receive a bonus as well. He was suspended for the last 45 games of the season because he failed a drug test due to high levels of testosterone. He was, however, available for the post-season, but the Giants didn’t play him. As the All-Star MVP, he was released as a free agent last week. Toronto signed him for two years under a $16 million contract.

Last year, St. Louis’ shares were at $323,170. The year before, San Francisco was at $317,631. The difference between season multiplied ten times this year!


For the 2012 regular season, the Giants had a $117,620,683 budget, $80,000,000 less than the Yankees.


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