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Well, hockey season is finally stepping up in December. This is my final post for the 2012 MLB season. Let’s take a look at the  teams’ stats as whole units.


The best batting average is .274, shared between the Los Angeles Angels, and the Colorado Rockies. Now, the Rangers and the Rockies best players’ averages were .500. But, Rockie Rafael Ortega only batted four times during the season, all during one game, against the Arizona Diamondbacks, and Angel pitcher Jared Weaver only batted twice.


A better way to judge the teams that hit the best, in my opinion, is the total number of hits in the season. Colorado shared the cake with Texas and St. Louis and in this category with 1526 hits. The Angels followed with 1518, and the World Series Champion Giants shared 1495 hits for the season.



I realize pitching is equally as important as batting and fielding, but I like to keep the teams intact because each of the nine players have to play their positions accordingly.

The Chicago Sox had the least amount of errors this season. They top the list with 70, leading both Seattle and the Yankees who errored 72 and 74 times, respectively. These three teams also lead the fielding percentage category. Chicago and Seattle worked 28.8% of their outs and New York landed a close 98.7%.


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  1. Ahhhh yeaaahhh! Can’t wait for the ol’ stick n’ puck to get underway, definitely a sport that intrigues me. I’m not the biggest baseball supporter, I accept it because it’s been America’s sport. That being said I still do appreciate the world series and playoff baseball (gets a little more tolerable). Phenomenal post though, I love how you’ve provided legitimate statistics and a somewhat summary of how the season went.

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